ERC Hungary 2021 - Double Podium, 15min penalty, 15min clutch change, 30min gearbox change - ONE CRAZY RALLY


A rally filled with joy, hards work and heartbreak.

Last weekend in Hungary the 7th ERC round took place and SRT was there with the polish crew Miko Marczyk/Gospodarczyk Szymon and Nikolay Gryazin/Konstantin Aleksandrov. 

Miko entered this rally with confidence having just won the Polish Championship of 2021 making him a 2 two time champion in Poland together with Szymon. 

First day of the rally was hard for the driver and each stage brought different results. The team had to change the gearbox on the car in just 30min service. 

Overall after the first day Miko was in the 5th position and ready to at least secure this position till the end of the rally. 

“It’s really great for me because I woke up in a good mood and I was thinking it would be a good day for us, but I was thinking more that we would fight for the top five, that was my plan."

However the Polish Champion managed to show excellent speed and finished the rally in the 3rd place. Leaving it up to the last stage of the rally to gain the necessary seconds to reach the podium. The joy of this happening on his 26th birthday was huge! A hard rally for the team and for the driver. 

“We are on the podium and we won three proper stages so I am happy for that and I’m happy because it shows we made progress, we made development and all my strategy, which I am trying to do all the time, it’s working and I hope there will be more and more days like today in the ERC in the future and it’s just our beginning of our good days in rallying.”
Our other crew did an amazing job all through out the weekend. Nikolay showed great speed and secured his leading position after the first day. 

A clutch change was necessary on the last day of the rally and our team has only 15 min service to do it, so we gathered all of our knowledge and concentration and did it in 13min. 

Click the link to feel the tension and the joy of the 15min service clutch change

After this challenge was concured there was no stopping the crew - Nikolay drove across the finish line and won ERC Rally Hungary!

A double podium for the team - the excitement was unreal.

However shortly after the podium Nikolay, his co-driver and the team manager got an invitation to speak with FIA Stweards. 

Click on the link to read all about the penalty that took away the winning title from Nikolay this time

In the end of the day Nikolay remains a winner in our hearts and we are very happy for Miko who reached the best result of his career in ERC so far!

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